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About Us

Max and Honey's is a family owned farm in Brazil, Indiana. The farm is named after my grandparents, Max and Honey.  Grandpa Max was a logger by trade and used his workhorses to log and farm the land to provide for their family.  Grandma Honey was a loving mother and grandmother.  She was most known for her famous home made bread! Their home was located in the middle of the farm and welcomed many visitors throughout the years.  Grandpa Max and Grandma Honey raised five children and many grandchildren here from 1940 throughout the 1990's.  Max + Honey's exists to serve Fast forward to 2020! Well, maybe the 1980's when my love for flowers began!  My passion for flowers started young- with the row of zinnias, cosmos and bachelor buttons that I "helped" my mom plant along the side of her vegetable garden. Throughout the years, I loved to harvest those flowers, make bouquets and beautiful arrangements to adorn the tables for Sunday dinner or when we welcomed visitors. My parents gave me the best childhood memories and are now a big part of Max and Honey's!   

You Pick Flower and Pumpkin Farm
Today, Max + Honey’s is a place for you to come and relax.  We offer beauty, peacefulness, and a place to catch your breath.  Our season begins in July with flowers and goes through October with fall fun and of course, pumpkins!


Event Florist
For over two decades, Valerie, owner of Max + Honey’s has been honing her skills in the floral industry.  M+H specializes in weddings, making visions become reality from large floral installations to wedding party floral.   Flowers can be daunting for some brides, but we make it our business to make this a stress- and hassle-free part of your day!  View our bridal gallery HERE.


It is our greatest honor to serve families during times of grief. For more information on these services, click HERE



Max and Honey's 

12783 North Private Road 385 East

Brazil, Indiana 47834


Field Trips

We welcome school age groups to schedule a field trip late September throughout October.  To request a date, please click the following button and complete the form.  (Dates are given on a first come, first serve basis.) 

Special Occasions

Max and Honey's is available throughout the week and on weekends for your special family gathering, company outing, birthday party, or celebration.  Click the button below to contact us about your reservation.

Field Trips
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