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The 2024 You Pick Garden Club offers participants the opportunity to pick throughout the season at a significantly reduced price! Each member may pick up to 6 mixed buckets during our open hours July – September for only $30/bucket (a total savings of $90)!

These buckets may be picked whenever convenient for you!  If you’d like to bring a friend and pick 2 buckets in one week, that would be fine!  If you’re planning an event and would like to pick all 6 at once, no problem!! 


Each membership comes with one 2-gallon bucket. We ask members to return their empty bucket from their prior visit and simply pick up a new one when they come to pick. This prevents us from going through 6 buckets per membership. On the last pick, simply keep the bucket. If you are bringing a friend or picking multiple buckets in a single visit, simply bring buckets to transfer the flowers or purchase the additional buckets for $2 each.


All buckets must be picked July - September. Unused buckets are not refundable.


Purchase price is $180 + tax.   Customer will receive a link to download a certificate in the thank you page of check out.  (Certificate must be presented to pick buckets.)  This link will also be emailed to you and be available for 30 days.  

2024 You Pick Garden Subscription

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